Gandikota, Yaganti and Belum – a weekend excursion!

“If you follow the pipe near the main view point, it should probably lead you to the gorge.”, some guy had written from his trip to Gandikota. Having experienced the 2 hours of a steep descending trail through the bushes and wild shrubs, while trying to avoid the thorns and taking support from the pipe at all times, I can now confirm that to you: Follow the pipe near the main view point, and it will lead you to the gorge. And it gives you the same feeling as in Lost TV show when they followed a rope into the water! 


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On a fishy ride to Chirala

Fast forward the 2 months which transpired after the last ride to Warangal where we had fried and roasted ourselves in the Sun, I observed a window of a cooler weekend on the weather charts (temperatures were rising on either sides), and decided to cash on it, of course! And because of all the hiding from the Sun in the past few months, this time it was Coastal Andhra. On the maps, mark the line to the closest beach from Hyderabad, and that was it.

All bungees tied and the safety gears fastened, 3 of us headed to the highway on that Saturday morning. Just about an hour into the ride, we encountered something which eventually the whole trip came to be about -Rains. Rains and fishes. Actually, rains, fishes, prawns and crabs! We sought shade for sometime to avoid the drenching, which later on we got accustomed to, anyway. We got drenched, and then we got dried, and then we got drenched again. And this went on for the entire 350 kms ride which lasted over 8 hours! I remember enjoying Aloo and Onion pakodas in the rains and gulping them down with the highway chai, and it was awesome!

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I have moved to Gurgaon (Delhi)

Yup, that’s the big update and the reason for my absence from this space for the last month – I have moved my base, from Hyderabad to Gurgaon.

The higher forces presented before me an option to move to Gurgaon and I grabbed it, for it seemed worthwhile.

Weighing the options, leaving Hyderabad for me meant moving away from my friends and folks of long time, my treasured social circles which revolved around adventure and books and the very place which had been my base for the last 6 years. It also meant losing out on the proximity to the Sahyadris and the Western Ghats and several trekking trails. It basically meant a big deal.

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Summer Roast Ride and Camping in Warangal

Weather was  not in our favor, it was scorching hot. For me, the highway was also not unknown.

But then, do these things matter to a group of bikers driven by the urge to ride?

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Relish the Ramadan Delicacies in Hyderabad

Night bazaars have been set. And the streets of Hyderabad are abuzz with the crowd gorging on the delicacies which the month of Ramadan brings to Hyderabad. Here, there and everywhere the spirit of brotherhood is being celebrated over the taste of Hyderabadi Haleem. So much so has been impacting the aroma of these dishes that yours truly converted to a Non vegetarian after all!

Zaiqa, Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad

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Wedding Invitations in Jaisalmer

While walking through the streets of  Jaisalmer city, from the Fort to Patwon ki Haveli, I came across some old houses which have been passed down multiple generations and are still standing tall and giving a hint of the culture Rajasthan is famous for. I observed a thing common to a lot of these houses, intriguing enough to ask about it to locals and interesting enough to share.

So, here goes the thing about the wedding invitation cards in Jaisalmer:

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