Rajgad Torna Fort – Trek N Camping Madness | Ep. 2

Recap: In the last episode,  I shared our trekking and camping experiences at Rajgad Fort where one of my friends had a sip of Kerosene as water is too mainstream!


Sunrise at Rajgad Fort

The Morning and Turn of Events

After the most comfortable night camping, the unzipping of the tents flooded our tents with the Sunlight and our faces with happiness. My suggestion to pitch the tents facing East worked perfectly. The Sun had worked its way from the deep valley below and now provided us the soft  heat while the chilly winds still gave the goosebumps. Continue reading

Rajgad Torna Fort – Trek N Camping Madness | Ep. 1

This story is from one of the most favourite  trips of mine – the trek to Rajgad and Torna Fort in Sahyadris, Maharashtra. I was leading this trek for 6 friends of mine who joined me even after knowing it was my first time there. Paying extra bucks to the cab driver to zzoopp through the traffic, we reached Hyderabad rail station to reach Pune to reach Gunjavane hopping 2 buses to the start point of the trek around mid noon!

And on we went…

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Gandikota, Yaganti and Belum – a weekend excursion!

“If you follow the pipe near the main view point, it should probably lead you to the gorge.”, some guy had written from his trip to Gandikota. Having experienced the 2 hours of a steep descending trail through the bushes and wild shrubs, while trying to avoid the thorns and taking support from the pipe at all times, I can now confirm that to you: Follow the pipe near the main view point, and it will lead you to the gorge. And it gives you the same feeling as in Lost TV show when they followed a rope into the water! 


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Summer Roast Ride and Camping in Warangal

Weather was  not in our favor, it was scorching hot. For me, the highway was also not unknown.

But then, do these things matter to a group of bikers driven by the urge to ride?

The plan was to ride as much in the early morning and keep hydrating the bodies once it gets hot. About the accommodation, and itinerary, have I ever planned one? Continue reading

Jaisalmer – A Family RoadTrip

Oh look, camel on the road! We should have entered Rajasthan”, my mom said excitedly. We were on a family trip then on a November morning driving the 550 kms towards Jaisalmer from Ahmedabad. And the fact that my mom hails from Rajasthan answered for her excitement. And the fact that I love driving almost as much as riding has never featured on this blog earlier!

So, let’s get down to it?

Picture. Dry weather. And dry roads. Trees started to go sparse and less tall as we drove from Ahmedabad in Gujarat through Barmer to the Continue reading

Ahobilam- of the Night we Camped in the Nallamala Forest

We had trekked up the Ugra Stambha, the highest peak in Ahobilam and the Sun was setting down in the Nallamala Forest when we reached Jawala Narsimha, one of the 9 temples dedicated to Lord Narsimha in Ahobilam. And, we needed to camp. Quickly.

Nallamala Forest

We trekked back to Malola temple where we had observed some flat ground and a flowing water source. The place looked like any other in a forest where trees and Continue reading

Ahobilam- of Being Grateful

Continuing from where I left off in the last post on Ahobilam, we left from Prahlad Betika much refreshed having enjoyed the shower in the falls, music and some snacks.

Enroute Jwala Narsimha

A small trail then led through the Nallamala Forest, going up some times and going down some other. We walked through the waterfalls at times, for that was the only way! Humble and religious faces greeted us at several occasions and we obliged back. One can imagine how deep seated the faith was that this tough walk and trek on the forest-y wild trail full of stones was being done barefoot by ladies, not just young but Continue reading