A Year into Travel Blogging!

Happy Birthday Blog!

Yay! An idea which took shape in random discussions with a friend one day is celebrating its first anniversary today. I had been traveling with family for a long time and even solo for sometime before I contemplated the idea of starting this blog. But ever since its inception, it has been awesome: the feeling of sharing my experiences with all of you and in being recognized. So today, on its first birthday, I share the happiness(es) too with all of you.

Enroute Hubli, Karnataka

On the mark of 1 year, I gifted the blog with its own personal Continue reading

My Travel Tales – How I (almost) forced people to serve me food?

Alone, Away, And Hungry was my status one afternoon when I was wandering into the offbeat villages and hills of the Sahyadri Range. Since morning that day, mountains, curvy ghat roads, waterfalls, cattle and fields had been my points of contact. I had started the day stuffing myself with multiple plates of Poha and Chai garam. After that I headed for Malshej Ghat, Pargaon, and Continue reading

Flashback 2014 – In Love with India

I am back to Hyderabad from Pondicherry (where I was for Christmas and it was great!) sparing myself a few days before the New Year’s eve to work on this post about my memories and experiences from the year 2014. Facebook does a good deed with your year end reviews but nothing better than working it out yourself, no?

2014 has been a very travel extensive year for me. I got out of my engineering, got a job, got a bike, and the rest was connecting the dots. Love for travel, availability of bike and money merged with weekend offs prepared the recipe for what was to come. A lot of stories are yet to be covered but some glimpses you will find here. So, come join me in recounting some of my experiences.

Riding. I started with small (150 to 800kms) weekend rides to Hampi, Warangal, Medak and Ananthgiri Hills from Hyderabad. With the increasing wanderlust, I left for my longest ride (1,882 kms) Continue reading

My Travel Tales – Why I started carrying 2 water bottles?

So, this is a rather funny and embarrassing story.

It was the Day 1 of my 6 day- 1,900 kms long solo Karnataka exploration ride. Having covered around 230kms on my steed that day, I decided to call it a day due to the poor visibility on the pothole ridden highway. It looked to be a very small and dark village by the highway with dull and dim bulbs lighting the cozy homes. It was difficult for me to digest that people slept off so early on but then I was no better judge because I had no accord of the time anyway.

(Read: Why I travel without a watch?)

I stuffed myself with rice, sambhar, accompanying curry, chutneys and curd, etc. at a local (home converted to) shop and headed to the village temple by the highway. With my gathered intelligence, I was expecting to find some labors, locals and probably some homeless people there and my sources (the food shop guy) served me right. The temple courtyard opened to the highway, was spacious and airy and was a venue for many to sleep. I had already invited many curious looks with my gear and bike and made up a quick short story of traveling to the next city for a family visit and being tired to ride in the night, when the need arrived. I was avoiding long talk but then… Continue reading

My Travel Tales-Finding Acco N Food in the middle of night

Running 4 hours behind plan on my Hampi ride, with blinking low fuel warning light and surrounded by pitch darkness,  I reached a petrol bunk just outside Hampi at around 1130 pm.

Factors leading to the delay:
 Photo Breaks (Mor than expected)
Visor cleaning n moments of silence for the insects I murdered (Time N Again)
 Giving Career advice to a petrol bunk owner for his son
Diminishing visibility once it got dark
Indian Highways

“Sir, hotel at this time? Hampi is a small town, the whole town’s asleep. You can get some place in Hospet probably, the next city”, the petrol pump guy answered while Continue reading

My Travel Tales- How I realized the value of money

SAVING MORE. While traveling to Nanded (for the eve of Holi at Huzur Saheb) from Nizamabad in a passenger train, I met a man who turned out to be a labor working at a hoardings firm which caters to Barbecue Nations throughout the country. Mentioning of his life, he told that he was from a poor background, wanted to work abroad to make some money for the family and met a contractor who could arrange work for Indians abroad. He paid a lac as the contract amount, gave a list of his skills and waited. His ticket finally came for Dubai and he set off his foot for a new nation, a new life.

He was given welding work at several construction sites where he worked 7 days a week! Sunday was a holiday but Continue reading