Jaisalmer – A Photo Blog

A photo blog from my trip to the Golden city, Jaisamer – a trip that presented before me the much talked about royal Rajasthani culture and the arid Thar desert for the first time!

¶¶ Jaisalmer Fort – Never dark! No, literally. ¶¶

Jaisalmer Fort view at Night

¶¶ My music, My beedi – Swag Life. ¶¶

¶¶ Dress up – we take it seriously! ¶¶

¶¶ Let’s paint this city? Rain Gold one day, and bam you’re done! ¶¶

City view, Jaisalmer

¶¶ Rise, and shine. ¶¶

Staircase at Kuldhara, Jaisalmer

¶¶ Fashion – it’s life! ¶¶

¶¶ I’m awesome and I know it! ¶¶

¶¶ Through nowhere. ¶¶

¶¶ Is this pose good? ¶¶

¶¶ Padharo Mhare Des ¶¶

¶¶ To some sand cliffs, please. ¶¶

¶¶ Life is tough, but they get through. ¶¶

¶¶ Attack it? You must be kidding! ¶¶

¶¶ Mom made salad. Yay! ¶¶

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