A Year into Travel Blogging!

Happy Birthday Blog!

Yay! An idea which took shape in random discussions with a friend one day is celebrating its first anniversary today. I had been traveling with family for a long time and even solo for sometime before I contemplated the idea of starting this blog. But ever since its inception, it has been awesome: the feeling of sharing my experiences with all of you and in being recognized. So today, on its first birthday, I share the happiness(es) too with all of you.

Enroute Hubli, Karnataka

On the mark of 1 year, I gifted the blog with its own personal domain: wanderingjatin.com!

Also, you can now see lot more activity on Facebook, Flickr, Quora, Tripoto, G+, and Twitter. Do join me on these platforms for an increased connectivity!

It makes me very proud and happy to reflect over the path WanderingJatin took over the last year. From a blog on WordPress, to slowly raising more crowd with G+, Indiblogger, then FB page and now, personal domain and stuff. From being a medium to document my travels, it became a medium for me to connect and learn from the bloggers worldwide and full time travelers and travel writers. I found myself spending time on Google maps more than ever before. The repetitive inquiries about the adventurous tales from my travels during my periods of absence from the blog always humbled me and made me know that it was no longer about just me. The appreciation and inquisitive mails from fans about the places I have been to always left with overwhelming satisfaction and great positivity!

A year into travel blogging also helped me a great deal as a traveler: it has been an adventurous 1 year for me on the highways and the blog. Pondering over my travels for writing made me realize the kind of places and activities which interested me: Impromptu road (bike) trips to offbeat places and trekking and camping! I got n number of opportunities to organize treks and camping tours for my family and friends too (apart from my solo rides and camping), where n was large enough! And that led to the theme centric to this blog: offbeat travel and crazy experiences.

I promise to feed this space with an even bigger number m (m>n) of adventurous tales and unbiased opinions from my road trips, treks and travels! And I hope that once the weather calms itself down in Hyderabad, I shall announce some treks and tours open for all to join me along.

To all my readers… A big Thank You!

To the craziness and awesomeness which awaits… Cheers!


41 thoughts on “A Year into Travel Blogging!

  1. Jatin —
    Congratulations on the full one year and Congratulations on the new domain name.
    And all the best for all the wandering(s) ahead.
    Happy travelling!

  2. Congratulations Jatin on being a year old in Blogging world. Also a perfect gift to your blog on its first birthday. You have a lovely blog and there are readers like me who always wait for your post on different travel journeys. All the Best my friend.

  3. Congratulations Jatin on completing one year of great blogging and also for the domain name…hope to read more interesting posts….I absolutely love the quirkiness of your travel tales. looking forward to more and more posts

  4. Congratulations Jatin!! Wow, you did lots of stuff and I can totally understand how it feels to connect with people, with travelers through one’s writings, one’s experiences in the blog…
    Hope the coming up year is all the more eventful..

  5. Congrats!
    Continue the journey & the stories – เคฏเฅ‡ เคฆเคฟเคฒ เคฎเคพเคเค—เฅ‡ เคฎเฅ‹เคฐ !

  6. Wishing your blog a very happy birthday and congratulations for the new domain name. Having your domain name seems to be a must if you wish to scale up the blog. Look forward to many more travel stories of yours. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. happy wala b’day to you and ur lovely blog Jatin… and many congratulations on the domain name… am sure this will take you to great heights… all the best buddy! ๐Ÿ™‚

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