A Ride through Kerala Pt. 2

In an earlier post: Pt. 1 on a photo journey through Kerala, we discovered the beautiful terrains and huge waterfalls. Today, I pick up from where I left: The Kerala Backwaters.

We had rented a Chikara (a small boat) with a double bed and some wooden chairs at Alapuzha for 4 hours. Get some popcorn and a deck of cards, it will be fun enjoying the slow and eye appeasing journey though the exquisite and always-talked-about Kerala backwaters with some hands of a card game.



They say every tree needs it’s share of sunlight despite being super tall. Hence, the bend.


And that’s how you would cross the backwaters on your vehicle: with a zillion coconut trees watching you.


Behold a participant Chundan Vallam (Snake boat) of Vallam Kalli (Snake boat Race), annual boat racing event in Kerala. Around 100 people row this boat singing the traditional adrenaline pumping folk songs. What a way to celebrate the harvest festival Onam!


Simple looking yet luxury defining and gorgeous: A houseboat, one of the many you will come across while sailing across the backwaters.


And that’s where you would wait for a Govt run jetty: Boat stops look much more fancy and negligibly polluted than our Bus Stops.



On the way, we stopped for some local toddy (mildly alcoholic palm wine), tapioca and oysters.


Abandoned proof a Royal past.




Harbor, of sorts.


You can now pack up the cards and share your comments. πŸ™‚


19 thoughts on “A Ride through Kerala Pt. 2

  1. loved the narration along with pictures…had been on a houseboat at allepy…had tasty mallu lunch ..watched beauty around the calm backwaters…life along the banks of the backwater…church, schools, toddy shops, massage parlours and aalso had nariyal paani…by the end of the 3 hours, had a nice opportunity to click sunset pics…

  2. Hmm… you had some kallu, I see. How was it?
    I so badly wanna taste it.
    Nice pictures. We were planning houseboat holiday in late Nov. But now it may not happen 😦

    • Haha, thank you Mridula g, you also join for the sing along. πŸ˜€
      Btw, your new site looks very new neat and nice. All the best πŸ™‚

    • Yes, this was a very small one and we reached here by parking our boat while sailing in the backwaters. There should be better ones too on the mainland. πŸ˜€

      • Wow. That sounds like a lot of fun. I love love love the toddy shop food and yeah, the toddy pitchers too. BTW did you notice the sign which every toddy shop puts up. It says, “No Singing”. After some toddy, people apparently start singing their hearts out, hence the regulation,

      • Hahah, that’s interesting to know. I didn’t find any board, might have been in Malayalam. I might sing along next time, if I come across the like. πŸ˜€

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